PHLASH service has ended and will resume Spring 2024.

How To Ride

Follow These Steps

Plan Your Trip

Find the PHLASH Stops located closest to your starting location and intended destination on a PHLASH map.

Determine where to board and exit based on the route direction between your starting point and destination, indicated by arrows marked along the route map.

View the first and last pick-up times of your boarding and exiting Stops to plan your trip.

Tip: Buses arrive at each Stop approximately every 15 minutes during normal service conditions. 


Buy A Pass

Fast: Purchase at any Visitor Center location.

Faster: Purchase when boarding the vehicle with EXACT CASH only.

Fastest: Purchase online the day you wish to ride and present on your mobile device.

Find Your Stop

Look for the street pole PHLASH sign that marks each stop:


Board the Bus

Look for PHLASH(R)_Wordmark_Color
on the front and back of the vehicle to identify the service 
when the bus is wrapped in advertising.

Wait for exiting passengers to step off the bus before boarding.

Present your fare, ticket, or mobile pass to the driver as you board.

Listen and Look

Listen for the Stop number and nearby attractions announced before each Stop. 

When you arrive at your destination, wait until the bus has stopped before standing to exit.

Tip: Exit through the vehicle’s back door to allow for new riders to board.

Exit and Enjoy

When the vehicle has come to a complete stop, exit at your destination.

Look at the posted route map to view the last pick-up time at that Stop.

Plan when you will re-board the bus if you would like to go back to your original stop.